Korea is a country surrounded by water,so we’ve developed a vast array of seafood dishes.
As it is also very mountainous, we’ve always had a penchant for meat since ancient times.
Like our tough and extreme weather, which is arctic cold in winter and steaming hot in summer,
our food is bold and never shy of flavor.
Some of korean dishes are so spicy that they can bring an unconscious man to life.
but we always add some sweetness to our bold spices in order to keep a balance in flavor.
Spicy food can generate heat in our body in winter and it makes us sweat to cool down in summertime.
Korean food is exotic and healthy. A wide range of vegetables, some more unusual than others,
soy products like DUBU (tofu), which is packed with protein, and sea products like seaweed
and kelp make out food very unique and light without additional effort.

We have some spicy menus and mild ones as well. Just remember to balance some spicy dishes with mild ones.
It is all yours to ENJOY !!!!!

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